2024 So Far:

The new year isn’t new anymore. 2024 has had some haps. Here’s a few things going on, writing-wise. Murder, Neat A few years ago, the Sleuthsayers blog collective set out on a plan. An anthology plan. The Sleuthsayers ranks includes a few dozen terrific writers all with a love for short crime fiction. A group…… Continue reading 2024 So Far:

“Spirits Along the One North Road,” Photo Journal Edition

In the fall of 2017, I hopped on an Air Canada flight to Quebec. My sole purpose: to see Quebec. Because I hadn’t. Felt a need to go if I was to say I experienced this world. If I got a little writing done, great.   I got a little writing done. A lot of…… Continue reading “Spirits Along the One North Road,” Photo Journal Edition

Go With the Paragraph Flow

Depending on who you ask, only 7 core fiction stories exist in the world. Rags to Riches, Voyage and Return, so forth. Everything else written later is riffing off that universal idea handed down. 7 seems a harsh estimate, but there’s no doubt that at some point our various stories have critical Venn Diagram overlap.…… Continue reading Go With the Paragraph Flow

ForSleuth! I’m Onboard SleuthSayers.

  I’m excited and honored as of this morning to join the SleuthSayers gang for a monthly blog caper. SleuthSayers is both a favorite blog I’ve followed and a well-respected collaborative of some seriously talented short mystery fiction writers. Special guests, crime fighters, the works. These folks are long-established across genres and with longer works,…… Continue reading ForSleuth! I’m Onboard SleuthSayers.


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