Bringing the Romance Back

Back in June, a friend did me one heck of a solid. It happened the way such profound things do: by accident. This was at our Sisters in Crime chapter meeting, and the speaker said the first thing about storytelling that surprised me in a while: That great stories needed romance.  That speaker was Clay…… Continue reading Bringing the Romance Back

“Spirits Along the One North Road,” Photo Journal Edition

In the fall of 2017, I hopped on an Air Canada flight to Quebec. My sole purpose: to see Quebec. Because I hadn’t. Felt a need to go if I was to say I experienced this world. If I got a little writing done, great.   I got a little writing done. A lot of…… Continue reading “Spirits Along the One North Road,” Photo Journal Edition

Snack and Snack Again: Behind “Vinny Two Snacks”

I eat lunch early. That started as a work necessity that became a habit that became a daily rule. Eat lunch early and you’re secure against or at least fed for mid-day surprises. Of course, if you eat lunch early, there might come a major afternoon fade. One such two o’clock I grabbed a needed…… Continue reading Snack and Snack Again: Behind “Vinny Two Snacks”

Me and Tybee

e   Me and Tybee I don’t know if it’s the best place to fish on Tybee, but the best place to be seen fishing on Tybee is the Pier. The Tybee Pier and Tybrisa Pavilion II, formally. No one here is formal. They’re fishing or talking about it. Sheepshead, drum, sharpnose shark. From a…… Continue reading Me and Tybee


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