The Carcassonne Sandwich

The Carcassonne Sandwich

Enjoyed fictionally in the South of France for, like, literally ages. You have to imagine that it was at times deemed either sacred or taboo and that wandering troubadours and jealous bakers got involved. Maybe a hermit saint. 



  1. Score a fresh baguette (French white is traditional, but whatever floats your bread boat).
  2. Face yourself into a stiff magic wind, the more magical the better. Slice the bread and be careful the wind doesn’t claim it.
  3. Layer bottom half with herbed goat cheese spread. To taste, but a little goes a long way. Make friends with a goat or goat cheese farmer if you have to, but don’t skip this step. Herbed mayo will do if you have some kind of goat issues.
  4. Layer rough-slice grilled chicken. Technically it needs to be from a purebred Marans, but hey, we can’t always get over to a French poultry market.
  5. Fold thin-sliced French jambon or prosciutto or even serrano over the chicken. Technically you should only use Carcassonne Ham from local pigs, but this particular ham is fictional. Unless you want imagined ham or to breed this pig, go with the jambon.
  6. Hard-boil an egg. Slice it and spread atop the ham.
  7. Slice a cucumber and load that puppy on.
  8. Chop rings of red onion and green bell peppers and add atop the ham.
  9. Kalamata or other favorite sliced olives to taste.
  10. Slice a red tomato and add to the pile.
  11. Cap with arugula (rocket) and drizzle with red wine vinaigrette, from a Languedoc AOC wine traditionally, though you may need to sub out for something more everyday.
  12. Camargue sea salt and fresh ground pepper to date.
  13. Dance a dance of thanks to the magic wind. Toss a touch of salt into the wind and press the bread together.
  14. Enjoy the taste of French legend! Sort of legend. It’s from a story. Anyway, just enjoy it already.

The Carcassonne Sandwich first appear in my The Carcassonne Dream,” published in 2013 by Swamp Biscuits & Tea.


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