ForSleuth! I’m Onboard SleuthSayers.


I’m excited and honored as of this morning to join the SleuthSayers gang for a monthly blog caper. SleuthSayers is both a favorite blog I’ve followed and a well-respected collaborative of some seriously talented short mystery fiction writers. Special guests, crime fighters, the works. These folks are long-established across genres and with longer works, novels and non-fiction and such. It’s a big score, see, and my fingerprints will be all over it.

My slot is the second Saturday each month. I’m thinking to cover more than just fiction stuff. Healthcare fraud is what I’m opening with. Tennessee history and true crime. And yes, fiction topics, tied to my favorite works and some of my own humble offerings. I’ll add a few yucks, if I can manage it. 

I would be even more honored if y’all would head over and check out the blog. You’ll enjoy fresh posts from great folks daily.


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