2024 So Far:

The new year isn’t new anymore. 2024 has had some haps. Here’s a few things going on, writing-wise. Murder, Neat A few years ago, the Sleuthsayers blog collective set out on a plan. An anthology plan. The Sleuthsayers ranks includes a few dozen terrific writers all with a love for short crime fiction. A group…… Continue reading 2024 So Far:

2023, A Funny Sort of Year

We all beat our drums about what’s important to us. Humor is important to me, in life and in writing. Not surprisingly then, a drum I beat when talking writing is the serious business of humor. To write with humor’s lens is to load more rocks into the burden sack, whether that’s a conscious choice…… Continue reading 2023, A Funny Sort of Year

Bringing the Romance Back

Back in June, a friend did me one heck of a solid. It happened the way such profound things do: by accident. This was at our Sisters in Crime chapter meeting, and the speaker said the first thing about storytelling that surprised me in a while: That great stories needed romance.  That speaker was Clay…… Continue reading Bringing the Romance Back

“Spirits Along the One North Road,” Photo Journal Edition

In the fall of 2017, I hopped on an Air Canada flight to Quebec. My sole purpose: to see Quebec. Because I hadn’t. Felt a need to go if I was to say I experienced this world. If I got a little writing done, great.   I got a little writing done. A lot of…… Continue reading “Spirits Along the One North Road,” Photo Journal Edition


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