Didion’s Ghost and 7 Other Tests Before Submitting a Story

Every manuscript tells two stories. One, how strong the writing is. Two, how professional the writer is. Not sure about the pro part? The story isn’t ready.     If your piece isn’t even in manuscript format, or there’s your personal format but not what the market specifies, the story is very definitely not ready.…… Continue reading Didion’s Ghost and 7 Other Tests Before Submitting a Story

2022: 10 Years of Writing Stories

2022 marks ten years since I tried writing short stories. Technically, I wrote my first one–that I acknowledge–in 2010, but that was dabbling and naïve ambition. 2011 was learning, and January 2012 brought my first short story acceptance: “The Food Acquisition Breakdown,” in wonderful but fledgling Canadian lit e-journal. There was no need to convert…… Continue reading 2022: 10 Years of Writing Stories

Go With the Paragraph Flow

Depending on who you ask, only 7 core fiction stories exist in the world. Rags to Riches, Voyage and Return, so forth. Everything else written later is riffing off that universal idea handed down. 7 seems a harsh estimate, but there’s no doubt that at some point our various stories have critical Venn Diagram overlap.…… Continue reading Go With the Paragraph Flow

The Haps: Spring 2021

Spring has definitely sprung, and just as it brought its usual host of pollen and fresh critters, I have a minor host of updates to report: LOWESTOFT CHRONICLE In March 2021, my story “No Entiendo” appeared in Lowestoft Chronicle #45. The piece follows an IT guy who takes a contract gig at a Costa Rica…… Continue reading The Haps: Spring 2021


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