One Half of an Awkward Conversation: Table for Mr. Sinatra

Good evening, sir. A big ring-a-ding-ding to you, too. And mademoiselle! Welcome to Toots Shor’s. Yes, quite a swinging clam-bake tonight. I hear it always is. Table for two? I see. We’ve nothing just now. Perhaps for quite some time. Yes, I’m sure you are ready to wet your whistles. Unfortunately, as you say, the clams […]

Mark Antony, Two Hours Before His Big Speech

Murrayus, you have the revisions?…Finally. Two hours, and I’m up to my toga pleats in angry rabble, and that last draft you brought me was excrement. ‘You get drachmas, and you get drachmas, and you get drachmas!’ What was that? I’m not looking like a fool in front of the plebes. I just heard Brutus […]


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