One Half of an Awkward Conversation: Table for Mr. Sinatra

Good evening, sir. A big ring-a-ding-ding to you, too. And mademoiselle! Welcome to Toots Shor’s. Yes, quite a swinging clam-bake tonight. I hear it always is. Table for two? I see. We’ve nothing just now. Perhaps for quite some time. Yes, I’m sure you are ready to wet your whistles. Unfortunately, as you say, the clams […]

Humor: In Which Vernon Stagg Self-Lawyers Up

March 24, 2016 By Certified Mail   Mr. Robert Mangeot, Author of Shameless and Baseless Works of Fiction Dear Mr. Mangeot: The venerated and venerable law firm Vernon Stagg and Associates represents the selfsame Vernon Stagg, Esq., a noted figure of legal and civic stature in the greater metropolitan Nashville area. We mean none other […]

A Play in One Scene: Glory on the Hashtag

THE CHARACTERS JOHN GERMAINE, a play-by-play announcer HAMISH MacFLAGON, a color analyst and former world champion PETER CHERSKY, a Russian championship contender EMILIANA, a Brazilian championship contender various officials and audience members   The Scene JOHN:           This is it, the match we’ve waited for all year! Welcome, everybody, to beautiful Dubai and the WFTTT World Tic-Tac-Toe […]

Satire: Philip Marlowe’s 1939 Christmas Card Note

Bob’s note: written for the season of good natures and with love and respect for Raymond Chandler’s work. The main case referenced below is the plot thread of Farewell, My Lovely, my favorite of the Marlowe books and set in 1939.  Christmas Eve, and a blade-straight wind is scraping dirt off the San Gabriel Mountains. Out […]


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