Film vs. Novel: The Haunting vs. The Haunting of Hill House

“The book was better than the movie.”   You hear it a lot, and it’s usually true. For the adventurous mind–and this particular tale is for an adventurous mind–a novel will necessarily top a film. Novels can do things films can’t. Novels explore themes in depth. Novels get read at the reader’s preferred pace, get…… Continue reading Film vs. Novel: The Haunting vs. The Haunting of Hill House

The Haps: Spring 2021

Spring has definitely sprung, and just as it brought its usual host of pollen and fresh critters, I have a minor host of updates to report: LOWESTOFT CHRONICLE In March 2021, my story “No Entiendo” appeared in Lowestoft Chronicle #45. The piece follows an IT guy who takes a contract gig at a Costa Rica…… Continue reading The Haps: Spring 2021

ForSleuth! I’m Onboard SleuthSayers.

  I’m excited and honored as of this morning to join the SleuthSayers gang for a monthly blog caper. SleuthSayers is both a favorite blog I’ve followed and a well-respected collaborative of some seriously talented short mystery fiction writers. Special guests, crime fighters, the works. These folks are long-established across genres and with longer works,…… Continue reading ForSleuth! I’m Onboard SleuthSayers.

Seconds: “First of a Fine Spectacle”

Did you know Russian empress Catherine the Great wrote operas?  She did, badly, or so goes her history. Anyway, back in my own when came an anthology call for Catherine the Great stories and here she was upon research having tried her imperial hand at librettos. I wrote it, a comic romp. Got a yes.…… Continue reading Seconds: “First of a Fine Spectacle”


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