Live and Virtual

IMG_2706 Bob SS talk BMBW Mar1015
  • Sisters In Crime Middle Tennessee Workshop Series (Feb. ’20), “The Short End of the Shtick,” Richland Park Library
  • Sleuthsayers with Rob Lopresti (Dec. ’19), 2020 predictions  
  • SMFS Short Story Saturday (Nov. ’19), “First Rodeo”
  • Southern Festival of Books (Oct. ’19), SEMWA panel moderator “Mysterious Ways”
  • Killer Nashville 2019: Panel leader, “Finding Your Voice”
  • Southern Festival of Books (Oct. ’18), SinC panel moderator “Misadventures in Mystery”
  • The Forge Literary Magazine (Sep. ’18), Q&A: “Snap Bam Boom”
  • InSinC (Aug. ’18): Contributor, “Getting into Queen and Hitchcock”
  • Mystery Readers Journal, Aug. ’18: On Our Man in Havana
  • Killer Nashville 2018: Panelist, “Short Stories,” “Getting Involved,” and “Writing Humor”
  • Murder in the Midlands (Jul. ’18, Columbia SC): Panelist, “Hot Shorts”
  • First Two Pages (Jul. ’18): On “Book of Hours”
  • Killer Nashville Blog (Jun. ’18): “No Fear-ish”
  • Killer Nashville 2017: Panelist, “Short Stories” and “Keeping Perspective in Writing”
  • Sisters in Crime 30th Anniversary Celebration host (Jul. ’17), Parnassus Books
  • So You Want to Chat (Apr. ’17), the Derringer Finalist Q&A
  • Southern Festival of Books (Oct. ’16, Nashville): Panel Moderator, “Crimes, Cons, and Capers: The Many Faces of Crime Fiction”
  • Short Story Workshop, (Oct. ’16, Decatur GA): co-instructor
    Killer Nashville 2016: Panelist, “Using Humor in Your Writing” and “Writing the Short Story”
  • Killer Nashville Blog (Mar. ’16): “Honk If You Love Stories”
  • Mobile Writers Guild (Feb. ’16, Mobile): SinC presentation panel
  • Killer Nashville 2015: Moderator, “Sherlock Holmes: New Visions of an Old Favorite” and Panelist, “How to Write Short”
  • Bouchercon, (Oct. ’15, Raleigh NC): Panelist, Murder Under the Oaks launch
  • SinC Middle TN Showcase (Sep. ’15): Moderator, “Cozies, Cops and Conspiracies”
  • B.K. Stevens’ The First Two Pages (Jul. ’15): “Hook, Line and Winker”
  • Nashville Writers Meetup (Jun. & Aug. ’15): “The Short End of the Shtick”
  • “The Method and the Muse” podcast (Jun. ’15)
  • Carnegie Writers & NWMG (Apr. ’15): Speaker, “My Writer’s Journey”
  • SinC Middle TN (Mar. ’15):  Speaker, “The Short End of the Shtick”
  • Murder on the Menu (Feb. ’15, Wetumpka AL): Panelist, “Motivation for Murder”
  • Murder in the Magic City (Feb. ’15, Birmingham AL): Panelist, “Murder! It Comes in Many Forms”
  • Killer Nashville blog: “On Short Fiction and Evil Masterminds.” Reprinted in KN Magazine, Feb. ’15).
  • Southern Festival of Books (Oct. ’14): Moderator, “Changing the World One Mystery at a Time”
  • MWA Launch Party, Ice Cold (Apr. ’14, NYC’s Mysterious Books)
  • Killer Nashville 2013: Panelist, Small Packages: Crafting Short Crime Fiction
  • PURE SLUSH (Jun. ’13): Interview, the Hue Questionnaire